Atra Vetosus – “Apricity” Album Review (black metal)

Atra-Vetosus-ApricityOur friends at Immortal Frost Productions have a knack for picking some of the best atmospheric black metal bands around.  Today’s offering is no exception.

Apricity is the new release from Atra Vetosus and the follow-up to their 1-track masterpiece 2016 release Ius Vitae Necisque.  Containing eight tracks, Apricity is contains 6 wonderfully-crafted scathing atmospheric black metal cuts and two acoustic interludes.

“Ever Falling Snow” is about as perfect of an example as it gets when it comes to creating a great atmospheric black metal song.  Atra Vetosus clearly knows that even the most strong, atmospheric compositions are founded upon simple structures and patterns.  It’s the simplicity built-upon by layering and harmonies that make a song like “Ever Falling Snow” what it is.

“Where The Lost Spirits Roam” is another fantastic example with it’s powerful, uplifting melody, atmospheric breaks filled with acoustic/electric guitars mixed and strings.  It helps when the vocal precision is like icicle stabs with the rhythms.  Still we have an incredibly powerful track based upon simple structures but layered pretty much perfectly.  “Fading Life, Winter Winds” follows similarly.  

“Amber” and “Violet” break up the pace of the album as a whole as simple but layered acoustic instrumentals that still contribute in a reflective, cold and melancholic way; proof you can have the juxtaposition of breakneck-speed black metal and somber acoustics to be effectively inclusive to the same vision.

Apricity will be available as a CD / DIGI CD / DLP and digital download on February 26th. Very highly recommended for fans of atmospheric black metal.  Check out the lyric video below, subscribe to the channel, comment on it and go support Immortal Frost Productions.  

To order the physical album:thumbnail_27501117_1678284178861134_3868266783966424855_o

Pre-order the digital album:

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