V/A – “Heresy” Album Review (Eighth Tower Records)(ambient/drone/ritual)

a3019936783_16“We usually think of heresy as something opposed to orthodoxy. Heresy, however, comes from the Greek hairesis, which means “choice.”  In current usage heresy is a belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted, especially in religion, and more particularly in opposition to the orthodoxy.” – Eighth Tower

From our friends at Eighth Tower Records in Italy comes an intriguing and diverse compilation dedicated to the theme of heresy.  As implied in the quote above, the word’s meaning could be subjective depending on your view.  It could easily be interpreted as “exceptional.”

Key word: Exceptional.  That appropriately describes this compilation containing 13 tracks of varying styles including dark ambient/ritual/noise/drone and those artist who like to blur the lines and therefore engage in heretical practice themselves.  

A cinematic dark ambient/ritual approach is perhaps best represented by the mighty Xerxes The Dark who merges dark ambient/drone backdrop textures with organic sounding nuances/environmental recordings in the foreground putting the listener in the middle of the scene.  Corona Barathri’s track, “Omen Perditions” engages the listener with abysmal drones and ambient planes and ethereal whispers and female spoken word.  Ruairi O’Baoighill merges what sound like some occasional liturgical choral samples and some mid-tone swirling ambient textures.  Gnawed takes more of a noise/drone approach with the track “Perdition (Death’s Disease)” which includes some static-infused spoken words among some pretty creepy, meandering drones.

Those are just a few of the examples of some of the diversity in this interesting compilation that I would highly recommend.  I’d also encourage you to check out Eighth Tower’s previous compilation The Old Alchemist through Bandcamp.


Adonai Atrophia – Al Awwal 08:09
Vladimír Hirsch – Craving Urania II 06:34
Antikatechon – Altaria Expiationis 09:28
Xerxes The Dark – Man & Deviance 06:30
Corona Barathri – Omen Perditionis 06:49
Ruairi O’Baoighill – The Order 06:19
Gnawed – Perdition (Death’s Disease) 08:09
Plamen Vecnosti – The Father Beyond 06:08
Taphephobia – Corporeal escape 03:47
Alphaxone – Roots 04:48
Damballah – Kanzo Senp 04:30
Atrox Pestis – The Will Reach from the Heaven (Cutt off Their hands) 13:33
Sonologyst – Purgatorium 08:05



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