Claret Ash – “The Great Adjudication: Fragment One” LP/Album Review (black metal)

a1990994266_2The “Super Blue Blood Moon” has come and passed and a coldness remains in the Australian winds.  The Great Adjudication: Fragment One is the new release; a fantastic progressive/atmospheric black metal offering from Claret Ash.  This ltd. edition LP will be out around the end of March/early April.  The digital version is already available.

From Bandcamp: “Themes and imagery have expanded as new stories were developed to lead listeners on a journey to THE GREAT ADJUDICATION, the retaliation and judgement of the natural world of our trespasses against it.”

Five tracks are on this release and range from 5:44-8:11 in length.  One thing that you’ll notice from listening to the album is that there are a lot of different things going on at different times; different key changes, progressions, break-downs etc.  However, please note that this does NOT mean that they don’t have a focus.  Each of the tracks sound distinct from the others and yet stylistically the record remains consistent on a whole.  I think the only thing that I would love to see more of are moments like about :30 into track one, “Essence of Fire” where the band does a great harmony with the vocals in combination with the really powerful break from the tremolo riffing.

We’re hearing influences from everything from second and third wave black metal to post-black metal to death and thrash metal from the 90s.  There seems to be some influence from the old Century Media bands like Asphyx and perhaps some from the Swedes such as Dismember and Unleashed.  Yet, Claret Ash seem to be developing their own style. The more you listen, the more it will sink in.  We should look forward to future work as the band keeps Australia on the map of metal. 

Highly recommended for those fans who enjoy a band that is willing to stretch things a bit while maintaining their own identity.  There are plenty of break-neck paced cuts, atmospheric black metal screaming, catchy break-downs and unexpected yet refreshing changes. 

The Great Adjudication: Fragment One on LP is limited to 150 copies.  To be released on o be released on Beverina (Austria) / Casus Belli Musica (Russia).  

To buy the LP:Band 1

For the digital album:

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