Aseptic Void – “Ideazione di Contrasto” Album review (ambient/experimental)

a2427302735_16The mind of an individual diagnoses with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is…. Well, it’s very difficult to describe.  It can be painful and comfortable in the same breath.  It’s very personal; like living in a prison that only you know about.

Our offering today is one of the most haunting releases we’ve heard in some time.  Ideazione di Contrasto is the new release from Aseptic Void on Eighth Tower Records.  The album is dedicated to the feelings of OCD including the ever-present fear of losing control.

From Bandcamp: “Every track is a communicative need that reached its final form in music. A journey into the artist’s unconscious, where the echo of every single step resounds in the meanders of a tormented psyche.”

Building on treated field & environmental recordings, Aseptic Void creates a cinematic dark ambient environment.  Not only is the listener placed in the middle of the “scenes,” but they are also given an invitation to the disturbed individual’s mind.  There is very much a mixture of organic and ethereal qualities about this album.  

Ideazione di Contrasto is one of those albums that simply must be listened to a number of times before acquiring the full grasp.  Much like the mind of an individual with OCD, it’s a bit challenging to describe.  However, working in tandem with the field recordings, most often we hear moving drone and dark ambient tapestries in the backdrop.  Every so often a disturbing voice appears giving the listener the feel of hearing the “voices in the head” of the patient.

Ideazione di Contrasto consists of a total of 6 tracks.  The track, “DSM-5 300.23” is a reference to the medical code for social anxiety disorder as noted in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  There is a definite feel of agoraphobia; the fear of leaving environments that the person deems safe; home, for example especially with the field recording of footsteps, the door opening/closing etc.

Ideazione di Contrasto is available as a digital-only release through Eighth Tower Records.  Indeed it is very disturbing and haunting but serves as a soundtrack to the painful reality of a psychologically debilitating disease.

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