Zeresh – “Sigh For Sigh” EP/Album Review (Neofolk)

Sigh For Sigh

From Israel comes one half of the band, Cruel Wonders to answer our prayers for some good, dimly-lit neofolk.  Zeresh is the solo project of vocalist, Tamar.  Sigh For Sigh is the new 4-track EP due out January 18

From Zeresh: “This EP is dedicated to my four beloved deceased grandparents, whom I still love and miss.”

As is the case with Cruel Wonders, some of the lyrics were originally those of well-known poets.  In this case, two of the tracks, “O, Gather Me The Rose” and “Double Ballad of Life And Death” contain words written by poet William Ernest Henley.  Tamar notes on Youtube for “O, Gather Me The Rose” that “This Song was composed for my grandmother while she was dying and was played over her grave as she wished beforehand.”

On the whole, we have an EP with treated acoustics on top of lush ambient backdrops.  In some cases such as “Double Ballad of Life And Death” we have some sparsely plucked electric guitar.  The production is such that the vocals are given a character very appropriate for this kind of music, at times very well layered as in the case of “Double Ballad…” “Holy” is a bit of a different track with the focus shifting away from lyrical content in favor of loneliness and desperation in a dense, lush atmosphere.  This is highly appropriate considering the devastating loss of family members.  Virtually inaudible vocals are swallowed by the dense wall of sound.

Sigh For Sigh is emotion-heavy but extremely enjoyable for those who appreciate their neo folk with a little bit of dark ambient atmosphere mixed in.  I encourage you also to check out Tamar’s other project, Cruel Wonders.  


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