Mendacium – “Decimating Titans” Album/Tape Review (black/death metal)

Decimating Titans

With breakneck-speed riffs like a horde of psychopathic flies we turn our attention to a new cassette/digital release from our friends at Redefining Darkness Records.  Decimating Titans is the upcoming release from Mendacium; a product of Daniel Jackson known from Void Ritual.

From Redefining Darkness Records:  Mendacium‘s debut EP, Decimating Titans, is a violent mixture of black and death metal, mirroring the viciousness and cruelty of our times. A theme does run throughout: a barbaric fantasy of revenge against a society plagued by bigotry.”

Point blank: The last time I heard riffs this original and menacing was Trey Azagthoth’s work with Morbid Angel.  He’s one of those players who established a style to where you know it’s him.  Something similar seems to be going on in the undergrounds with bands such as Mendacium.  In this case, we have an excellent example of what death metal shrouded in a black cloak should sound like.  The blast beats are there as is the tremolo guitar picking and brutally harsh vocals.  Not only at times is the tremolo more furious than a starving Norwegian bear out of hibernation. The speed at which the unique chord progressions take place is definitely impressive as well.  

However, more and more we are seeing a trend of bands incorporating some very original, unorthodox chord progressions.  Such is the case with Decimating Titans and “An Invocation For Bloodshed” serves as a great example for thisThere are even some trace reminders of the kind of patterns that bands like VoiVoid used to do.  One other thing of note that Mendacium seems to be doing occurs in the beginning of “Make No Grave In My Name” where one guitar or bass is holding the constant low-end while the main guitar switches a unique blend of chords that somehow works.  But between the fire and fury come some pretty sick mid-paced parts such as in track 1, “Decimating Titans.”  So while there is no shortage of fury and speed, there definitely is plenty of power and balance in the skillful breaks as well.

Decimating Titans will be available in both limited edition cassette (only 50 copies) and digital formats on February 9.  Definitely recommended for fans of bands like Immortal to AngelCorpse to Morbid Angel and Emperor.

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