Drawn Into Descent – “S/T” Album Rewind Review (black/doom metal) 2015

a2832731728_2A trip back in time to cover an unforgotten gem is necessary from time to time.  Today we travel to Belgium which we had been meaning to do for a while.

In 2015, Drawn Into Descent released their only album to date on Immortal Frost Productions; 6 tracks of doom-laden atmospheric black metal.

The album starts off and immediately sets the tone with the sound of a storm and some mournful, reflective clean guitar picking.  At 3:19 the devastation kicks in and the descent begins.  While much of the songs are based upon simple and somewhat repetitive riffing, it should be noted that the strength of this release is based predominantly on two very important points.  First is the building up; the layering.  The second is the harmonies.  As some of the songs proceed, they build in strength through the harmonious guitars and bass that is progressively layered.  My favorite example of this is perhaps in track 2, “Elude” a emotionally-charged track that reeks heavily of desperation.

Most of the songs are fairly slow to mid-paced.  However, track 4, “The Realm Of Unbecoming,” is very fast-paced and includes more varying parts than other tracks.  So, there is some diversity among the album.  There is also a pretty good balance of harsh and fairly clean guitar sounds which hints slightly toward the third wave of black metal (i.e. Alcest, An Autumn For Crippled Children).

To be perfectly honest, this album may not sink in right away.  But what good doom-infused, atmospheric black metal album does?  Those that draw listeners into descent stay with them like the aftermath of an apocalyptic bomb.  At the end of the album, it turns out to be a pretty memorable release.

Drawn Into Descent is available on CD, LP and digital download.  Please note that shirts and patches are available as well.  Just hit the shop up at the link below.


Drawn Into Descent – Belgium


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