Moon Eclipse – “Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold” Album Review (noise/harsh noise wall/power electronics)

Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold

We deliver a couple more harsh noise walls courtesy of Moon Eclipse from our friends at Wall Noise Action in Russia.  Much like the effectiveness of Sleep Column’s artwork for their Colleen Dawn Adams release, we now find a similar photo for Moon Eclipse’s Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold.  

From Wall Noise Action: “American socialite and heiress who disappeared while walking on Fifth Avenue in New York City, in December 1910. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have never been resolved and her fate remains unknown.”

Like our previous review of Sleep Column, Moon Eclipse delivers a pair of harsh noise walls clocking in at 30 minutes each.  I can appreciate again the fact they are untitled and when taken in with the product as a whole, the tracks can be seen in stark contrast to the beauty of the photo but in tandem with the harshness of the loss of a loved-one.

Sonically, each wall is abrasive and solid from beginning to end.  Track 2, however is exceedingly cut-up, gurgling and low-end.  It’s like putting an object in a blender that would not necessarily belong there.

Well, once again we prove that Wall Noise Action is at the forefront right there with Harsh Noise Movement.  Solid, Uncomfortable and Abrasive.  Great stuff.  

Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold is available as a digital-only release via Wall Noise Action’s Bandcamp page.

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