Age Eternal – “Wash Away” Album/LP Review (shoegaze/ambient)

Wash Away

If you’ve been following the blog for some time, you know that I’m always pleased to partner with my friends in Germany.  In this case we kill two birds with one stone and announce our cooperation with German label, Instruments of Discipline and offer you the review of Age Eternal’s new release, Wash Away.  Age Eternal is the product of German solo artist Lissa Benno.

From Bandcamp: “Before and throughout the writing of the record I saw myself confronted with significant alterations in my daily life, which I sometimes had a hard time dealing with” says Lissa. The record bows down to that mighty ruthless force that is entrenched into everyone and everything that surrounds us and the potential that lies within it. “

Wash Away is a near perfect ethereal trip that blends ambient planes with shoe-gaze (think old-school 4AD albums or Lycia) vocals and occasionally sparsely-plucked guitar.  Take for example the track “Temples Are Burning.”  The mix is masterful to the point where the vocals rise and melt right along with the ambient drifts.  

Wash Away is one of those albums that when listened to, nearly takes the listener on a transcendent trip allowing the forgetfulness of being in our current dormant state.  A track like “Dropout” invites the listener to be submerged in a vast, reverb-dense ocean with the vocals a bit more clear and up close.  “Your Face Looks Different Tonight” is dense with layered ethereal keys, guitar.  The vocals blend in and out like a dream-like swimmer’s voice amidst sonic ocean waves.

Wonderfully hypnotic and mesmerizing, dreamy and imagination-inducing.  Wash Away is a wonderful release and artist with a beautiful voice who I am very happy to have found.  I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Wash Away is available as a limited edition black vinyl LP and digital release.  This LP is co-released by Third Coming Records (fr), Instruments Of Discipline (de), Premium Abundance (dk).

Lissa Benno (photo by Enrico Mercaldi)

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