Sleep Column – “Colleen Dawn Adams” Album Review (noise/harsh noise wall/power electronics)

Colleen Dawn Adams

Often the most straightforward, the most beautiful even the least expected are just as shocking as anything.  So when I saw the picture of Colleen Adams as part of Sleep Column’s latest digital release, I took note… no artist name, no album title – just the photo of a lady missed by loved-ones.

Sleep Column, without question is perhaps Russia’s most noteworthy expert in sonic abrasiveness.  Similarly, it doesn’t get much more emotionally abrasive than the loss of someone close to us.

From Wall Noise Action: (Please Read) “On 19 December 1973, Colleen Adams (then aged 24 years) was reported missing to Police by her parents after they were advised by her husband Geoffrey Adams that she had left the family home 5 weeks earlier. At the time of her disappearance, Colleen was residing with her husband and their two young children aged 3½ years and 18 months at an address in Bagnall Street Maitland. Colleen was reportedly last seen by her husband on the morning of 22 November 1973 when she left in a vehicle being driven by an unidentified middle-aged female. She has not been seen or heard from since this date and has not been in contact with her parents or children.  Colleen’s disappearance was declared a major crime in 1979. Police suspect she has been murdered. If you have information that may assist police to locate Colleen, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

With this release, Sleep Column delivers two brutal, relentless, unkind harsh noise walls, each clocking in at 30 minutes.  There’s a bit more low-end rumbling and “cut-up” element with the first wall.  Between the two it’s almost like the difference between how close you are to the window when the hail is beating down.  I do like the fact that each are untitled.  So, we just take the pieces and their tribute for what they are – the harshness of noise walls and the emotional harshness of someone’s loved one gone missing.  

If you are into harsh noise walls or simply curious… I encourage you to go visit our good friends at Wall Noise Action and support such an active, prolific label.

Please note that while the following track does NOT appear on this release, it will give you some idea of the sound of Sleep Column:


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