Jodie Lowther – “Skeleton Moon” Album Review (ambient/shoegaze/UK) Name Your Own Price

Skeleton Moon

With one foot in the 90s shoegaze-era, another in the ambient realm, a hand in the whimsical and a hand in the ethereal comes half of the UK duo Quimper otherwise known as Jodie Lowther.  Skeleton Moon is the new digital-only release.

“It’s inspired by winter, dead trees, the moon and things that lie just out of reach. 20 songs created by voice manipulation, electronic sampling and lots of reverb.” – JL

Jodie is a multi-disciplined illustrator/video artist and musician.  Previous to Skeleton Moon, Jodie has also released 2 solo albums available on her Bandcamp site.

Skeleton Moon is comprised of 20 tracks most of which are under 3 minutes in length.  The styles range from the dreamy ambiance of the title track and “Night Tide” to “Katabasis” where the vocals drift along the sonic planes in tandem.  Then from tracks like “Listening To Spring” where it suggests an earthly tone and almost field recording- like element to “Lushizang” which possesses a whimsical, lullaby-like feel and a desire to lose oneself in a stargaze.  Skeleton Moon sometimes feels vast and full of wonder and at other times, introspective and melancholic.  I think it shows a diverse enough array of styles and picturesque emotions yet unified within one loose “theme” if you will.

Dreamy, sometimes whimsical, imagination-inspiring.  That’s pretty much Skeleton Moon for you.  This is a Name Your Own Price release.  As I always say in such cases… you have no reason not to check this out but do so and support the artist.  Also check out Jodie’s previous releases.  

I think that fans ranging from the likes of ambient to the old 4AD days of This Mortal Coil will find something herein to enjoy.

thumbnail_Jodie 2017
Jodie Lowther

Favorite track: “Lushizang.”

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