Christopher S. Feltner – “We All Walk Through Fire, But Not Everyone Burns” Album Review (spoken word/drone/noise)

We All Walk Through Fire, But Not Everyone Burns

Exploring the breaking of boundaries and pushing of limits while being mindful of universal truths is something we are attracted to here at  Today’s offering is no exception and comes to us courtesy of Guillermo Pizarro’s label, Flag Day Recordings.  We All Walk Through Fire, But Not Everyone Burns from Christopher S. Feltner is our offering for today.

The release contains two tracks, both of which are just over 10 minutes in length.  Words, voice, tape manipulation, synth and drum are handled by the artist while production and packaging are handled by Guillermo Pizarro with the assistance of Kenny Eaton.

From Bandcamp: “Christopher S. Feltner (b. 1978) is an experimentalist based out of Strasburg, VA. His work includes solo and collaborative performances in music, sound, and film.”

The album is predominantly spoken word with the assistance of minimal noise and tape manipulation in the background.  Much of the time the noise drops out leaving the words to be emphasized so the listener is drawn in.  The words are dynamic in that they are often quite personal but then also contain universal themes in certain moments.  The title itself speaks a universal truth and illustrates the main theme.  The artist goes on to say , “We all have our traumas.  Some of us have others to help us through.  We are all afraid on some level.  Regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, interests and social issues… we are all afraid of something because we are human.”

Honestly… it doesn’t much more truthful than that.

When the music parts do appear, they are largely easy-going drones with minimal noise and found sounds.  But this isn’t a strictly spoken word album nor is it strictly a noise/ambient release.  Both elements are given a health balance for fans of either arena to enjoy.

Anyway… an interesting piece from a dynamic and multi-discipline artist worth checking out.

We All Walk Through Fire, But Not Everyone Burns is available as a digital download as well as a standard and limited edition CD.  The limited edition comes with a CD in a black jacket style case, hand stamped with a burnt photograph, each one being different than the other and depicting a different point of Christopher’s life.  You’ll also find ashes and liner notes.

I highly encourage you to check into Christopher’s work on Youtube.  He’s a very dynamic performance artist.  The video below contains a live show with samples from We All Walk Through Fire…  but really this is just one small aspect of what he does.


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