Unzucht – “Winderstand-Live In Hamburg” Album Review (power metal)

Widerstand – Live in Hamburg

You’re a German band AND you have a live album?  Ok, you have my attention.

I’m admittedly new to the German act whose name means “fornication.”  Unzucht was formed in 2009 in Hannover, Germany.  After a number of singles, EPs and 4 full-length EPs, the band returns in due time with their first live album.

From Out of Line:

“In a live situation, the lads always let their emotions take over, releasing an unbridled surge of energy that is almost impossible to recreate in a studio. The band members are giving their all and a special kind of bond with the audience results which create a one-of-a-kind mutual experience. “Widerstand” captures one of these unique “moments in time” in top quality on CD and DVD”

There must be some reason why Unzucht won the Mera Luna Newcomer Contest, right?  Indeed.  Musically, hard-driven synth lines underlay heavy chopping guitars, killer break-downs and emotion-laden vocals.  All of the songs are sung in German.  But it’s really albums like this that further prove that music transcends language and culture.

Every song on the album is killer.   Some tracks like “Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein” and “Unzucht” are a bit more anthemic although in the case of “Unzucht” there is a bit more of a reliance on a sick groove.  Every song seems to be emotionally charged and dare I say in more poignant ways than the band name implies.  However, there are no slow, sappy “power ballad” (I hate that term) moments.

So… highly recommended, especially for fans of bands like Sonic Syndicate.  I warn you, however, while playing an album like this you will be tempted to bring the volume up to the point of either A.) destroying your car stereo speakers or B.) blowing your ear-drums out.  On a personal note, this is another one of those releases that make me want to work harder to learn the German language.  Moreover, as I will recommend to you, I’m looking forward to not only seeing what the band does next, but also exploring their back catalog.

Winderstand-Live In Hamburg is available on CD and DVD as well as digital download.


Unzucht_by_Tom_Row_sml (1)
Photo courtesy of Tom Row



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