Marrasmaa – “Kuolleiden Ikuinen Virta” Album Review (dark folk/neofolk)

Kuolleiden Ikuinen Virta

To Finland we go for a unique blend of darkened neofolk.  Marrasmaa’s Kuolleiden Ikuinen Virta album is our offering this time.

Marrasmaa is the duo of Janne Ojala & Juho Piirto.

From Marrasmaa: “Marrasmaa was founded in Tampere, Finland, during jam sessions and as a result of these sessions, we recorded our first demo “Vaarain Harmauden Ylitse”, which was completed by the end of 2013. The demo was done largely by the improvisation and the same method was used to create basis for our first full-length album.”

Kuolleiden Ikuinen Virta is a 4 track release clocking in at around the 28 minute mark.  Having no vocals, this allows the music to speak for itself.  Speaking of which, Marrasmaa presents a very unique blend that really transcends neofolk and enters into the realm of shamanic influence.  Some of the instrumentation used includes kantele, guitar and keyboard, also nature sounds, shaman drums, rain stick, tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls.

Enchanting and entrancing are two words that come to the forefront of my mind when sitting back listening to this release.  It takes the listener through the dark forest and gives a view of shaman rituals and dancing woodland nymphs.  In some ways, the music reminds us a bit of Godspeed You Black Emperor how it starts of simple and delicate and grows with complexity and intensity.  In the case of track 1, “Bjarmia” Marrasmaa blends harmony with discord to create some unique chord combinations.  And it works.  Track 2, “Veden Alle” sounds like it is being performed creek-side with the incorporation of the rain stick and/or nature sounds.  There are no vocals on this album so the music is allowed to breathe on its own.

Anyway, here’s something work checking out if you are in the mood for something meant for those in love with the dark part of the woods.

Kuolleiden Ikuinen Virta is available on CD as well as digital download.

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