[X]-RX – “Gasoline and Fire” Album Review (ebm/industrial)

X-RX Frontcover
Gasoline And Fire

[X]-RX returns after a 3 year hiatus with a follow-up album to 2014’s Crank It Up.  Having reached a recent agreement with Dark Dimensions Records for reviews and interviews, I couldn’t be more excited to promote a new album by one of our favorite acts in the genre.  Today’s offering is [X]-RX’s new album, Gasoline And Fire.

From Dark Dimensions: “Musically matured, without denying their roots, mastermind Pascal Beniesch created an album in a quality, that lacks all comparison!.  Without any doubt and exaggeration: “Gasoline and Fire“ is the best X-Rx Album so far.  A comeback? – THAT Comeback!”

Let’s get right to it.  “Riot” and “Code Red” are, in all seriousness two of the catchiest and more powerful tracks that I’ve heard in this style for a while.  Both are destined to become staples in the set just as much as “Hard Bass Hard Soundz.”

Gasoline And Fire builds upon the strength increased by Crank It Up.  But what we are seeing with Gasoline and Fire is the further ability to mix experimentation and complexity with the end result being one swift kick to the gut.  [X]-RX again solidifies their place in the electronic music world while honoring the style but going just enough to the left to maintain their own voice.

Every single track on Gasoline and Fire is pretty upbeat.  “Dark Places” takes it only slightly slower but maintains a darkened, creepy element.; kind of reminiscent of early-mid 90s gothic/ebm sound like Blutengel.  Tracks like “Gasoline and Fire,” “Lightning Strike” and “Pedestrian” play with deep analog synths and rave-like sounds.  “Shut The Fuck Up And Die” is another killer track destined to destroy car stereo speakers and make festival-goers move.  [X]-RX even tosses a slight nod to late 80s/early 90s new wave with pieces like “There Will Be Blood.”

At the end of the day, Gasoline And Fire is a phenomenal release without a single bad second on the entire disc.  It again solidifies [X]-RX is one of the better bands doing this style of music.  It also reminds us that there is hope in ebm/industrial never becoming completely stagnant; that there is room for tradition and experimentation alike.


Tracklist :

Promo 1
[X]-RX   (Photos © André M. Hünseler) – thinkingpixels.com
01. The chosen ones
02. Riot
03. Code red
04. Dark Places
05. Gasoline and Fire
06. There will be blood
07. Pedestrian
08. eternity
09. Lightning strike
10. Voices
11. Shut the F* up and die

Gasoline And Fire is available 11.24 via Pronoize/Dark Dimensions Label Group.


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