Black Wine Order – “Dirt” Album Review (post-rock, darkwave, experimental)


Leonard Cohen walks into a modern art gallery, gets inspired to hear some avant-garde post-rock/jazz music, leaves and walks into a bar.  The bartender says, “What’ll it be?”

“Black Wine Order.”  He then disappears.

This album came to me with only a lot of mystery attached to it.  Sometimes that is for the best so we can just appreciate something for what it is and without context.

Dirt is apparently the second release by this mysterious French act for which I could find no information out on the internet other than their Bandcamp-listed location of France.  Sultry vocals somewhere between talking and singing; somewhere between Leonard Cohen and Vincent Price.  The music is fairly diverse combining elements from post-rock, darkwave, avant-garde and even weird jazz (“Theory of a Dream”).  Occasionally discordant notes and keys somehow work in a Tom Waits sort of way when needed.  All of the tracks are pretty much on slow tempo.  A track like “Song of the Rain” is a good example of Black Wine Order using most of their elements to their advantage.

Haunting and strange but interesting nonetheless.  Dirt is a Name Your Own Price release so you have nothing to lose.  Check it out and you might find that the French are up to something pretty unique.

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