Kadaver – “Hypothermiasma” Album Review (noise/power electronics)


Now we go back a few months toward the beginning of 2017 with a noise artist who tossed something on our desk this last week.  We bring you Kadaver, a project by one Michael Zolotov from Israel.

See instructions below:

Instructions for creating a successful Kadaver album:

  1. Pick a very long and wide metal column, blast a harsh noise wall through it and listen to the reverb.
  2. See what happens when you knock over R2D2 from Star Wars and start to f#$k up his circuitry.  Then run it through your set-up or an 80s Apple computer and see the results.
  3. Create a harsh noise wind and emulate the sound of tortured individuals from behind the wall.
  4. Go back to Star Wars, assault C3PO and completely f#$k up his circuitry too.
  5. Pretend you are a demon or lost soul guarding a ghost at the base of a bell.  Invite a monk or two to sing in the background and disrupt the peace with some really high-frequency noise.
  6. Create a cut-up noise wall and watch the fallen souls in perpetual descent.
  7. Cause every animal in the woods to completely run the other direction by running some extremely high frequencies with little to no low-end.
  8. Ignore rules of other artists.

That’s it.  In parts of this release it appears that the artist not only manipulated some effects during the string of his set-up but also in some cases, afterward.  But clearly Kadaver is an artist who dislikes a lack of diversity and enjoys pushing limits with each track.  Now I’m not sure what in the world is going on in Israel, but someone needs to pay attention to the noise that’s coming out of there.

If you like some variety in your noise artists and aren’t into the obnoxiously long tracks, go pick a Kadaver.

Hypothermiasma is available on cassette as well as a digital release via Bandcamp.


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