V/A – “Tomb of Druids” Album Review (ProtoU, Aegri Somina, Dead Melodies, Ager Sonus, Creation VI) Cryo Chamber

Tomb Of Druids

The soundtrack for an exploration into druid history is the reason for our offering here.  Tomb of Druids is the third album in Cryo Chamber’s “Tomb” series and features five of their artists.

ProtoU’s “Eyes of the Shamen” takes us through a field recording with rain, birds and occasional thunder; deep drones and ambient planes.  The piece then goes through the land of the Shaman with wavy, deep layers.  As the rain sounds taper off later in the track, the deep drones take over when we reach the sacred presence of the Shaman.

Aegri Somnia’s track, “Temple of Druids” is guided mainly by a deep, thick drone.  But the occasional upper ambient layers augment and come and go with various environmental sounds and the presence of the viewer in the foreground.  A synth wave appears at the end guiding us to the temple.

Dead Melodies’ track, “Bryn Celli Ddu” (Mound in the Dark Grove) is based upon the prehistoric site on Anglesey island in Wales.  The piece takes us through the stone passage to the burial chamber with warm but haunting drone and ambient planes at either side of us. They weave in and out, perhaps as voices of the past yearn to be heard.

Ager Sonus sends us to the “Well of Knowledge” with their track.  The track starts off with what sounds like a field recording with a fire.  Perhaps this is to keep the listener in the foreground while searching mentally or spiritually for the well of knowledge, so to speak.  As a low drone keeps the base, a floating ambient flute sound gives a sense of deep yearning.  At around 4 minutes, the well is reached as we hear some angelic ambient parts to the accompaniment of violin.

Creation VI finishes the disc with their track, “Birds Turning Stones.”  While the listener’s reaction is ultimately subjective and my reaction might not make sense in relation to the title… so be it.  Nevertheless, right away you get a sense of flight off in the distance with a rising synth noise in and out.  The deep, murky synth/drones and wave sounds provide a feeling of being halfway above and beneath water, especially with the sonar-like sound later in the piece.  The drones and noises become thicker as the track goes on leading to the end of the journey.

If for no other reason, Tomb of Druids is a great opportunity for those interested in Cryo Chamber to hear a bit of variety that the label offers.  Some artists take you through vast fields.  Others guide you through enclosed spaces and chambers, even help you as you simply sit while they accompany you in a contemplative state.

In any circumstance and regardless of the nature of the places the listener is taken to…. Tomb of Druids is another great collection from Cryo Chamber.

Tomb of Druids is available as a limited edition CD in a 6-panel digipak in addition to the digital download version.  The Tomb series is also available in a bundle; Tomb of Empires, Tomb of Seers and Tomb of Druids.



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