Nachtmuse – 2017 Demo Review (Power Metal/hard rock)

0010713500_10Those of you who have been following the blog might know that as a general rule, I’ve never pretended  to be the biggest power metal fan.

HOWEVER, every so often something comes flying across the desk that takes me by surprise and I feel compelled to mention it.

So today we have for you a band by the name of Nachtmuse out of Toronto, Canada.  This is a 2 track, digital-only, Name Your Price demo.  With that being said, you’ve got zero excuse to not check it out.

Nachtmuse is the product of one guy, Geoff  Hodsman; a multi instrumentalist/songwriter and music producer from Toronto.  After having played in brutal death metal bands for about 13 years…he states, “I knew deep down that at some point things were going to turn around and I’d start making melodious symphonic music with beautifully sung vocals.  Now as a guitarist I was untethered and free to finally move in my desired direction, to write uplifting melodies and create songs and textures that evoke entirely different emotions.”

This is a 2 track demo with the help of two female vocalists; Alina Gavrilenko (aka Snowmaiden) and Laura Sasiadek of the band Cryovile; the soprano voice belonging to Snowmaiden and the other, Laura.  In the case of track 2, “Sky Garden,” we also hear some harsh male vocals as well.  Musically speaking, this is straight-ahead hard rock/power metal; plenty of uplifting melodies, skillful polyphonies, well-placed breaks and a couple of key & time changes.  Fans of bands such as Nightwish, Epica and the like are sure to appreciate Nachtmuse.

:53 – 1:22 of track 2 is worth this entire demo alone.  I think if I was Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish and I heard this…I would have ripped this off immediately.  :o)  The volume on my mp3 player isn’t loud enough for those 29 seconds.  Moreover, I only have one huge problem with this demo…  It’s too damn short.

With the end of 2017 coming faster than we know it, Nachtmuse plans for new songs on the way with the assistance of a new songwriting partner.  Eventually, the vision includes a new demo in 2018 and the possibility of turning Nachtmuse into a full live band.  While this could lead to a 6-7 piece affair, Geoff is willing to take Nachtmuse to that level.

Anyway, Nachtmuse is a project definitely worth checking out if you are into female-fronted hard rock/metal.  It seems that Geoff has chosen the right path after having been in death metal for some time.  I expect promising things from Nachtmuse in the future.  Go check it out, lend some support on Nachtmuse’s Bandcamp site and keep an eye out for further efforts.

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