Interview: Crows In The Rain (Iranian Dark Ambient)

Little Girl And Lost Blossom
 Recently the underground Iranian dark ambient “scene” was helped by Cold Spring Records to be put on the map.  Crows In The Rain is one of the bands that appeared on the compilation with their track, “…(For A Film.”
The Iranian dark ambient artist remain, for the most part somewhat of a mystery perhaps due in part to the nature of the country in which they reside.  Thanks to Cold Spring, however, as I said, it is less of a mystery.
Even so, I couldn’t find much about this intriguing band, Crows In The Rain so I wanted to learn more.  I hope you enjoy the interview and I HIGHLY encourage you to fix your gaze toward the amazing artists that are coming out of Iran.
We’d like to thanks Crows In The Rain for their time.

I could not find much history on the Crows in the Rain project. Could you provide us with some history; including band members, when you began and whatever else?

About 3 years ago Masih and me were friends, somehow we found out, we could do music, and in that time we were wondering why is it so good? I mean our music. Any way we started Crows In The Rain as a project. after one month we Released our first digital single track named Forgotten Childhood, it was great to see how People were interested in our music and How we could explain ourselves in our music and we were so happy and still wondering that why every thing is in the right place? Therefore, after that we released 3 other single tracks named Dreaming, You Were There, The Tale Of Creation Within Her Being (Atman Of Abhimata).  After 7 or 8 months of starting the project, we really felt that we are a band and we can do lots of other stuff like releasing an album, so we started composing and looking for in our records to collect an album.
We released our first album named You Are Dying In My Arms (the frozen last gasps) in February of 2016. The artworks were designed by our friend Ms. Maryam Saberi (Purest Dreamer).  After that, we met Reza for the first time; he was so interested in our genre and we all had so much in common, We started doing music!  In February of 2017, we released our second album named Little girl and lost blossom which is based on a true story that happened to us in a journey that we had.  After our second album, we felt that we wanted to experience more stuff in our music, at this time Ashkan who was our friend in all along started playing Bass for us, and Amir Hossein joined us after we sent an invitation asking for a drummer to be added to the group.  Meanwhile I’m (Hamed) playing Guitar and Masih and Reza both playing piano and guitar.

What is the meaning behind the name Crows in the Rain?

Crows are sacred animals to us. The first time that Masih and me were playing together, there were lots of Crows flying around the house and it was raining. We think you have to experience how it is to be a flying crow in rain to feel the name.

Your track appears on the new Cold Spring Records compilation, “Visions of Darkness,” a compilation of Iranian Contemporary Music. How did you get contact with Cold Spring? And what information do you have about this track?

First unexplained sounds group released this album that we know them from our friend Anunnaki Signal, we sent our last track from our second album to them and it made it’s way to their album, After that, Cold Spring Records also released the album. We are so thankful to both of them.

Do you feel that the Iranian culture inspires you in your music?

Definitely, we live here, we grew up here.

You have a very interesting mix of ambient/post rock influence. What other inspirations do you keep; both musical and non musical?

One of the most important non musical things that inspire us is meditation , in any method.  It can be Reiki practices or yoga and meditation and many other paths that keep us that way.  Some genres like orchestral / minimal / experimental / noise music and … are so inspiring to us.

The latest release on Bandcamp is “Little Girl and Lost Blosson.” What can you tell us about the meaning of this title and the inspiration behind it?

We (the band) had a journey last year and lots of weird and epic things happened to us in that journey, we know her (the Little Girl) from there. She and her story has become the story to our second album.

There also appears ten other tracks that appear as “Parts.” Are these just parts of the “you Are Dying in My Arms” release?

Yeah, you are dying in my arms (the frozen last gaps) is our first album.

That album has interesting artwork, by the way. What is the story behind it?

Yeah the artwork is from our kind designer Maryam Saberi (Purest Dreamer) , she is always with us.  About the story Behind our artwork, it’s all about all the people that we lost in our life But the memories of them are still alive.

What are your plans for 2017, 2018? Future recordings or live shows? Physical albums or simply digital releases?

We will release our third album physical and digital Until February 2018 and we will start our live shows and tours in Iran hopefully in two months from now.

Many many years in the future, a child finds a box in the attic of an old house. In that box is a Crows in the Rain album and something to play it on. What do you hope this person understands about you, from only listening to your music.

If she/he wanted to understand anything, I hope that through listening to our music they would understand that there were people whose concerns were bigger than their limitations And they flied beyond the boundaries and forms that always existed. That there were people with a humanly appearance that lived higher than the surface of the earth.


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