Oblivion – “Awakening” Album Review (dungeon synth/dark ambient)


Previously we traveled back 19 years (sort of) to review the re-release of a cult classic.  We return once again to the modern day for a dungeon synth artist who honors the feelings of the 90s dungeon synth sound but does so with a modern angle.  Oblivion is the product of Scotland’s Dracuillin.

Awakening is our offering now and is the product of Scottish artist, Oblivion.

Oblivion presents Awakening stylistically as a combination of dungeon synth and dark ambient.  The best way to describe his modern angle is this; While Oblivion reminds us of the dungeons and forests we are familiar with, he replaces the torches and candles with new electric lighting and flashlights.

Awakening takes us to different scenes.  For example, track 1, “Alne Cumbric Chant (Invocation)” takes us fireside for a bit of a Death in June feel and a call for congregation.  We go for a foggy moon-lit walk with “The Trees Sleep Under The Stars” in its old-school dungeon synth feel.  Track 10, “Blistered Light That Struggles Through The Tree Tops” is a wavy analog synth-laden track by the fireside gazing at the stars.  Track 12, “Sunyata,” starts with a sea and fire-side feel with an old harpsichord track followed by flute; definitely an old-school dungeon feel on this one.  The same goes for the track that brings us to the end of this release; “Fylgia.”

All in all, a very good dungeon synth/dark ambient release and a welcome surprise this week from the artist.  Awakening is a good reminder that dungeon synth/black ambient doesn’t always belong in the dark.  Awakening is available as a digital-only release via the Bandcamp link below.


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