Sutekh Hexen & Blsphm Split 7” Review

SH_BLSHM_SPLITLegendary recordings that have been properly resurrected are some of the more interesting reviews.  What we have here is a split 7-inch vinyl release that originally appeared and disappeared in 2014 as a cassette by Dead Accents; 2 acts, both from the USA-Sutekh Hexen(Bay Area) and Blsphm(Seattle).

Sutekh Hexen combines black metal of the sickest and harshest kind with drone and harsh noise walls to create an environment that is both vacuous and seemingly perpetual.  Composition is appropriately leveled in favor of atmosphere.  About a minute into the track, the guitars back off slightly so as to give the listener a very brief ear into the murky depths where voices of lost souls can be heard in an otherwise abandoned blackened droning pit.  The piece then opens up again and gives rise to an all-out blackened assault.

Blsphm’s track hinges on a number of styles including 3rd wave black metal, drone and even slow Godflesh-esque industrial.  If you thought GF’s Streetcleaner was heavy.  You haven’t heard “Abyss 3”  yet.  To give you an idea of the gravity felt by this recording… There is the subterranean, then below… then Abyss 3.  The atmosphere in this track is perhaps a bit more ethereal than Sutekh Hexen’s cut and with not quite as much of a feeling of descension.  It’s almost as if Sutekh Hexen delivers you to the abyss and Blsphm gives you the guided tour.

Both artists create their own distinct environments with such qualities that they make the recording quite overwhelming for the mind to handle.

Sentient Ruin Labs is very happy to be responsible for this release and with good reason! The vinyl will undoubtedly give this legendary obscure recording the added depth it really has deserved.

Track List:

  1. Sutekh Hexen – Azure Graal
  2. Blsphm – Abyss 3

Standard vinyl edition is purple while the limited pressing is black.  Black heavy cardstock, letterpressed with silver ink.  Layout was designed by Kevin of Sutekh Hexen. Digital download card is included when you buy the physical copy.

The split 7″ is released on Sentient Ruin Laboratories and is available now.

download (1)download

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