OwlCrusher – S/T Album Review (epic doom metal)


Things are looking up in the world of doom.

Sound incongruous?  Perhaps.  But Northern Ireland’s OwlCrusher proves that doom metal is alive and well and as devastating as ever.  Earlier in the week we discussed toads (i.e Master Toad) so today we go to the other side of the pond.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know by now, doom metal has never been my favorite.  So, unless I hear something unusually special and devastating, I typically won’t touch it.  This is why I bring you OwlCrusher’s self-titled album to be released on Seeing Red records on or around October 6.

3 long tracks tapping out the album at around 43 minutes.  This is huge, devastating doom of the crustiest kind… like a slowly peeled scab preceding the wound being run over a cheese grater.  There are moments so slow and crushing that one is virtually sitting in anticipation for the next note.  The guitars are sludgy and gritty and vocals are akin to drawn-out black metal screams.

It’s really as simple as that.  All in all, this is a very good, crushing, charred-blackened doom release and a great debut for the Northern Ireland Owlcrusher.


  1. Feeble Preacher
  2. Owlcrusher
  3. Spoiler

Owlcrusher is:

Andrew Spiers (guitar, vocals)
Damien McKeown (drums)
Steve Hobson (bass, vocals)

Owlcrusher will be released in physical CD form via limited edition hand-numbered digipack CD.  The matte finished digipack will come in a slipcover and includes the artwork of Adrian Baster.  Release date is October 7 at which time pre-orders will be shipped out.  But the digital release is available now.



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