Rings of Saturn – Ultu Ulla Album Review

Rings Of Saturn - Ultu Ulla - Artwork
Ultu Ulla – Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn have been abusing musical boundaries since their inception in 2009. Despite numerous member changes, founding member Lucas Mann continues to lead the charge with mind bending compositions and other-worldly riff-packed albums.

They do so once again with the soon to be released, Ultu Ulla Nuclear Blast Records.  It’s no wonder behind the band name.  The inspiration from this album clearly comes from somewhere not anywhere near earth.

Rock solid full of super highly skilled technical death metal with razor thin precision. How in the world these guys pull this material off live has to be something to behold. Take “Prognosis Confirmed” for example.  Just unreal…. unreal.  Track 3, “Unhallowed” is a flamenco guitar style piece they’ve managed to include and is just as ripping as any of the other tracks.

Along with Origin, who we will be reviewing in another post, Rings of Saturn have provided proof herein that there is still much more room for exploration in the areas of technical death metal especially with bands like this who not just explore but help further define.   Moreover, there is much reason to take the boundaries and rip them clearly to shreds.

What else needs to be said?  This is just a rip-roaring, face-peeling and mind-blowing album from the first note to the last….only the likes of Rings of Saturn can create.


  1. Servant of this Sentience
  2. Parallel Shift
  3. Unhallowed
  4. Immemorial Essence
  5. The Relic
  6. Margidda
  7. Harvest
  8. The Macrocosm
  9. Prognosis Confirmed
  10. Inadequate
Rings of Saturn

Ring’s of Saturn’s Ultu Ulla will be available July 7. Pre-orders are being taken now.





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