Chiral – “The Gazer’s Throne” Single Review

a0160480201_16Italy’s Chiral is one of those bands that is impossible to categorize.  In fact, the “band” is but one incredibly talented man.

“The Gazer’s Throne” is the new single from Chiral.  exclusively released on the cassette version of Gazing Light Eternity on Folkvangr Records. However, the digital download version is also available now.

What we have here is predominantly layered acoustic guitar and whispery male vocal with minimal percussion.  The track tapers off toward the end in a barrage of noise.  One thing that I pointed out in the last release by Chiral that I reviewed is that when they combine notes, they do so in such a manner that the combination effectively creates unique tones of their own.  Much of Chiral’s previous work builds upon simplistic structures into these grandiose, masterfully mixed pieces.

“The Gazer’s Throne” is haunting, beautiful, melodic and mysterious all at the same time.  As with much of Chiral’s work, the lyrics in tandem with the music tap into universal feelings of contemplation, loneliness yet with rays of hope and beauty.

Given Chiral’s history, this diversity is no surprise to me.

Chiral creates this time an intimate reflective and sort of a modern “loner folk” atmosphere.  If you are not familiar with the loner folk genre.  Have a look at Bob Desper.

Check out “The Gazer’s Throne” single and go support this incredibly talented Italian artist.

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