She Spread Sorrow – “Mine” Album Review

Mine – She Spread Sorrow

She Spread Sorrow is the product of Italian artist Alice Kundalini.  Mine her latest release on Cold Spring records and the follow-up to her debut album, Rumspringa. Whenever Cold Spring tosses something in my direction, I know that it will be unique.  What we have here is a unique mix of minimalist death-induced soundscape/power electronics, dark ambient and intimate ritual magic.

Track 1, “Crushed On The Pillow,” we see rising low-end frequency sound, pulsating, meandering analog Arp-sounding key strikes.  This haunting track features dominant and haunting whispery female voice and a background with a harsh sound like a dragging or malfunctioning gears and metal strikes.  All the sounds become progressively mixed to the end creating a multi-barrage both organic and electronic as the volume increases.

Track 2, “Lost,” features again the rising low-end noise, alternating “tick-tock” like notes and a hypnotic echoing and haunting female whisper.  Toward the end of the track it becomes a progressive noise barrage and then delicately drops off at the end.

Track 4, “Mine,” is very unique and probably the best example of her skill in terms of mixing, layering and selection of noises and sounds.  Again we have the wavy analog, tick-tock strikes but different pattern, also the reverberated, manipulated voices.  Wind chimes and sleigh bells also make cameo appearances.  The track becomes increasingly hypnotic when sounds merge and volume increases.  Midway through the track, highly distorted manipulated scraping or guitar rapidly changes to mid-frequency harsh noise.

While each of the five album tracks are very unique, most of the common elements flow through in some form; well-layered haunting whispers, occasional dragging mechanical sounds, rising dark ambient, drone backdrops.

Mine is a simple, but definitely appropriate title for this interesting and talented Italian artist who has created a sound all her own; masterful composition and mixing between the voices, noises, effects and backgrounds.  It will be interesting to see what She Spread Sorrow comes up with next.  Whatever it is, it will definitely be Hers.

Mine  is available on Cold Spring Records but limited to 300 vinyl copies (with a digital download card).

She Spread Sorrow – Alice Kundalini

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