Oath – “Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta” Album Review

Oath – Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta

For the moment we drift back to black metal and travel back a year to 2016 for a very worthwhile mention from Immortal Frost Productions. This time we have Oath’s Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta album.

Those of you previously unfortunate to not have heard of Immortal Frost Productions, do yourselves a favor and check the label out.  They take an incredible amount of care and pride in their bands and the quality of their releases.

This brings us to Finland’s Oath.. the creation founded by Grim666 (guitars, bass, vocals; all lyrics) and V-Khaoz (drums) in 2012.  Both of these guys have fairly extensive histories with other bands but have come together to create something that is both true to black metal roots with just enough room to reach a unique and moody vibe that is their own.

Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta presents a combination of pure raw 2nd wave black metal, a brief bit of doom, and some keyboard/guitar combination that borders on post-black metal.  There is essentially room for everyone here in the cavern created by Oath.

Standout tracks are “Khaos” which builds a blistering fury  of tremolo guitars on top of some drawn out and tastefully mixed dense keyboards and “Lankeenmuksen Tuhannet Kasvot” which is an incredible of the mood Oath can create in a slow, moody vibe.  Both of these cuts are excellent examples of the dynamic that is created by Oath.

Oath maintains a mood akin to a subterranean fiery path but at times there are moments which are reminiscent of the vibe created by the likes of 90s death metal artists like Morgoth.

Oath is for those black metal purists who are open to the idea of keyboards supplementing pure blistering black metal but done in a manner unlike artists like Dimmu Borgir (with their over-the-top mid-career Yanni-esque style).  Essentially Oath is a band and this is a release that balances pure black metal, tastefully-done recording and mixing and an over-all mournful and dimly-lit mood.

At the end of the day, this is a band and label that continue to renew my interest in this music.

Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta has been limited to 1000 CD copies but is still available in addition to digital download from Immortal Frost Productions.


3540367958_photo (1)
Oath (Finland)
  1. Aamutahden Poika
  2. Lankeemuksen Tuhannet Kasvot
  3. Khaos
  4. amen Apollymi
  5. Pedon Profetia





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