Ars Veneficium “The Reign of the Infernal King” Album Review

Ars Veneficium – The Reign of the Infernal King

Here’s another one released only a few months ago courtesy of Immortal Frost Productions; The Reign of the Infernal King by Belgian masters, Ars Veneficium.

Predominantly break-neck speed from start to finish with a few key effective breakdowns here and there which add to the aural punishment this album dishes out.  This is straight-up vicious black metal with blazing buzz-saw guitars and where the vocals are mixed well and drawn out during the songs.

Upon initiating abuse of my computer speakers by placing the CD in the CD drive, I swore Ars Veneficium used a drum machine.  To my surprise this was, in fact incorrect.  Drummer Norgameus’s ridiculously good precision rivals the likes of the highly revered Nick Barker and is the musical equal to a surgeon slicing a vein.  While these guys maintain somewhat of a modern sound, there are a few moments where I’m reminded of bands like Entombed and Unleashed when it comes to their musical keys and chord progressions.

It’s somewhat understandable regarding people’s interest in keeping the rawness and purity in the recording.  Most often this is the case in 90s black metal albums where the cover art is only black and white.  But bands such as Ars Veneficium should be listened to as opposed to simply heard right down to the little idiosyncrasies in the guitars, bass, voice and drums.

The point is, that Ars Veneficium like many of the Immortal Frost Productions artists, maintain a great balance of rawness, purity and good production.  Not overly-produced; just a straight punch to the skull and abusive to a cheap set of stereo, car or computer speakers.

Available In: 1000 CD copies – 500 jewel case and 500 slipcase, Also 500 vinyl copies


  1. Intro
  2. Damnation of the Soul
  3. Fallen to the Realm
  4. Angel of Angels
  5. Extinguished Are the Candles of Holiness
  6. Reign in Darkness
  7. As Flames Spread into Chaos
  8. Thy Will, My Hands
  9. Bringer of Light

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