Doedsvangr – “Satan ov Suns” Album Review


You’ll be seeing the name Immortal Frost Productions appear frequently in the near future.  Why?  Because every single thing they were kind enough to send me is killer.

Let’s start with the new release from Doedsvangr, Satan ov Suns.

This album is a relentless black metal beat-down from start to finish, some punches faster than others, mind you.  It’s dynamic in its songs’ compositions and their presentation; one being like a rip-chord and the next being a slower tourniquet. There are also moments (such as in parts of “Northern Watchtowers”) where there is even almost a punk-like feel in addition to some killer grooves.  Standout tracks for me are “Black Dawn” and “Throne of Black Illumination.”  Pay attention to the unparalleled atmosphere and unique composition.

Great production maintaining a balance between rawness and listen-ability, stellar musicianship and acid-gargling screams.  This album is a model for what Dimmu Borgir should have turned into.  Furthermore, Immortal Frost Productions has had a great habit of signing unique bands that often write unusual chord progressions sometimes combined with atypical key changes.  But that’s part of what separates them and bands like Doedsvangr apart from the rest.

Personally, an artist’s spiritual beliefs are irrelevant to me.  What counts is music from artists with integrity and who stand firm against what’s “expected.”  Those are the ones who command and deserve respect.  Count Doedsvangr among the class.

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