Black Tape For A Blue Girl “Blood On The Snow” Maxi-CD Review


Two things that can never be said about Sam Rosenthal are these: 1). He hasn’t consistently reinvented Black Tape for a Blue Girl over the 31 years since the release of 
The Rope
(By the way, has it really been that long?)  2).  He hasn’t had the fans at the forefront of his interests.

The latter is historically clear whether the case is discounts, limited editions, or even “name your own price” digital downloads via Bandcamp.  It’s likely that the trust of support either this route or via kickstarter campaign has helped nurture Projekt’s longevity.

Enter the Blood on the Snow maxi-CD which arrives on the heels of last year’s These Fleeting Moments album. Oscar Herrera returns on vocals.  Danielle Herrera also appears on vocals. Rounding out the staff are Nick Shadow on viola, Brian Viglione on drums, Chase Dobson on baritone guitar, bass & string& horn ensemble-“The Rubicon” and of course Sam Rosenthal on electronics & acoustic guitar.

Blood on the Snow is easily reminiscent of the days of Remnants of a Deeper Purity, perhaps mostly because of the presence of Oscar’s voice as well as the viola.

For whatever reason, however, the imagery presents itself herein as somewhat stark, yet still warm, perhaps in a dimly lit, intimate, privately held performance.  Perhaps that’s not too far out of the question given the longstanding intimate relationship between Black Tape for the Blue Girl and the fans.  Oscar’s tracks serve as the bookends.  Track 2, “On Some Faraway Beach,” is a short track carried beautifully by Danielle and built upon a very simple synth/viola background.  Track 3, “Blood on the Snow” is like the string section of an orchestra in a hypnotic mesmerizing swirl.

This is a very nice portrait into another chapter of Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s history. Moreover, as any new or old Black Tape fan will likely tell you, a common touched upon theme is Reminders…whether it’s Black Tape in and of itself, other Projekt artists or even in some of the Project titles…(i.e. “Of these Reminders etc.).  So while this release might remind us of the days of Remnants…let’s be reminded that the snow covers that which waits to grow again.  When artists pour their lifeblood into their work, it is also an invite for us as listeners to help it to grow.

Blood on the Snow is a “Name Your Own Price” EP release and extremely worthy of your support.  Given the long-standing relationship between Projekt and the listeners, I think it is safe to say that the relationship will continue to grow with generous offers such as these.  The link below has some other “Name Your Own Price” releases.  But show some support so Sam can continue to make such offers.

Blood on the Snow Tracklist:

  1. the Rubicon
  2. On Some Faraway Beach
  3. Blood on the Snow 1
  4. the Apostate                                                                                             

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