Hunyadi P.H. “Recycled Sounds & Forbidden Songs” 3″CD-R Album Review

Hunyadi PH – harsh noise from Transylvania, Romania

Ok.  We are going to do something here that is slightly “left of center” on a number of levels.  First of all, I would like to draw attention to my friend Boros from Mask of the Slave records in Romania.  He’s a recent addition to my sources and am glad to be working with him.  This is a fantastic label with a lot of integrity and very cool limited tape and CD releases, very good distro catalog and low prices.

This is a somewhat mysterious release from a mysterious band.  Hunyadi PH is a harsh power noise act out of Transylvania.  This is a ltd. 3″ CD-R that was initially put out in 2008.  Boros has a few copies left so let’s help him sell this unique disc out.

There is not much information available about Hunyadi PH which makes this more of a mystery.  Nevertheless,  according to Mask of the Slave records, this is “harsh analog noise with lots of PE elements mixed with Hungarian military songs from World War 2.”  It was also limited to 125 copies.

There are 5 tracks on this release.  I’m not sure regarding the source of the military songs.  Maybe a vintage 33″ LP record? Aside from this source, the noise element appears basically from a simple source.  However, it works and almost makes a disturbing atmosphere with the old military songs.  Mostly the mix sounds like an obnoxiously out of commission radio trying to be tuned.  It’s interesting at which points the noise ceases and you just hear the military marches.  I really can’t say I have even heard of another power noise type release out there like this one.  It proves that maybe some of these noise artists think not just about what noises/sounds to use but also what not to use and when not to use them.

The last track 1944.12.16, features a spoken word (sounds like Hungarian or German) track behind some simple gritty noise.  After a short dig on the internet, I found that on that date the following occurred:

So who knows.  Maybe that’s what the band was referring to.  Perhaps something will come up so we can find out more about this mysterious release.  However, it’s the mystery that makes this all the more intriguing.  It’s kind of like the artists themselves…thinking of what noises and sounds to use, when to use them but equally when and how NOT to use them.  Essentially it’s equally fascinating go with what we know but what we have yet to know.

But go check this release out if you are a fan of power noise and like something mysterious and different.


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