Todesstoss “Ebne Graun” Album Review

Ebne Graun – Todesstoss    blackened doom metal from Germany

Todesstoss’s Ebne Graun album just might have been one of the best dungeon synth albums I had heard in a long time.

Except that the dungeon synth label is far too limiting for this magical epic album.  I soon found this out within minutes of listening to this album.

From I, Voidhanger Records…“Todesstoss is the creature of Martin Lang, a German musician, poet and painter that has left a lasting mark on the metal underground with his eclectic style.  Lang’s music is a reflection of his composite visual art and inventive poetry….surrealistic and theatrical..disturbing and darkly bizarre…..”

Ebne Graun is due out on February 3, 2017 from I, Voidhanger Records.  What starts off as dungeon synth, twists and morphs in totally unexpected ways that somehow mold elements of doom & black metal even hints of jazz bass.  Yet somehow this single-track painting for the ears works as a cohesive whole…guided by the occasional narration of whispers and hopeful and tortured screams.  This is a truly unique recording leaving the listener virtually incapable of clicking the “stop” button to halt the story; That is…a captivating soundscape for fans of doom metal, black metal, dungeon synth and for every open mind in between.

I look forward to the next Todesstoss offering.  However, I have to fully expect and respect the time it must take to create a work equal to or even greater than the like of Ebne Graun.


  1. Ebne Graun (46:33)                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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